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If you have not yet heard about my book I will give you
some background. I am by no means a renowned
author. I have a story that I believe needs to be told about
a man who used women and their families. The Man In
The Moon is a story about my life and this man. He was
married to my mother for over 15 years and once you
read this book you  will discover how we found out about
his secret life.

This man has taken thousands of dollars from women
and is now facing bigamy charges in Bay County, Florida.
He has also been indicted on bank fraud for $850,000.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the world knows
so far about this man. I want him exposed for who he
really is. With so many stories being circulated
throughout the internet about this man, I want the truth to
be told.

For every book that is sold a portion of the proceeds will
go to help pay back the money that this man stole from
these women.
Read his lies and how he has hurt and stole money
from these women
You will find out how he was able to keep up the
double, triple life he led
The manipulation that he used against me and my
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